Limit request

This instruction manual guides you step by step through the limit request process.

Go to limit request screen

To request a limit use the „Credit services“ button on the menu bar at the top of the window or click on „Quickmenu“ in the upper-right corner and select „Request“.

Find your customer by reference number

The fastest way to find your customer in EOLIS is by using it’s Euler Hermes ID (if known). Alternatively, you can find your customer using it’s UID (or VAT) number by selecting „Chamber of Commerce UID“ in the „National identifier“ drop-down menu.

Please note:
The UID (or VAT) number must be entered in the following format: CHE-123.456.769

Limits can only be requested on registered companies.

Find your customer by name and address

If your customer is not yet registered in EOLIS or if the UID number is unknown, you may look for you customer by it’s name and address.

Please note:
Please use the headquarter’s address (no branches)..
In case that your customer is not registered with Euler Hermes chose „Chamber of Commerce UID“ in the „Identifier“ drop-down menu and enter the headquarter’s UID number (no branches).

Limit amount and currency

Please enter your limit request amount and the currency as well as if there is any negative buyer information.

Send request

Please check and confirm or modify your limit request.

New request or back to the welcome page

You can request another credit limit or go back to the welcome page.

If you can’t locate this buyer – please follow this procedure :

Click on validate

A new window will be opened – you can see your data input. Now you can fill in additional information, for example the register number. Then you click on validate.

A new mask will be opened – the same window as before where you could find the buyer. Here you can see now your data which you have already filled in. Now you can enter the amount, currency  and payment experience. Then you can validate again and send the request.